This session>>>

I mean honestly, I am so beyond proud of it.

For those of you that are new here, my sessions are all about capturing my clients in their most natural and true form and this session, at the base of the Superstition Mountains, is the epitome of that.

I truly didn't get into photographing families until the second half of 2021. Family photos, to me, were always too hectic and stressful - I could never get the perfect photo so it frustrated me. In my senior portrait photography, I had always used movement to get my clients feeling comfortable and that helped me get those perfect shots for them and also made it so much fun... so I thought, why can't I add movement into family photos too?

Adding movement to my family sessions did help me create beautiful images for my clients, but what really helped me is having a baby in December of 2021 - I realized that honestly, you can't control the small kiddos at family pictures and the more you try, the crazier they get. Having a baby also really helped me understand everything from a parent's point of view a little better, for family and senior sessions.

The best photos are the unposed, natural, relaxed photos that I capture between the movement prompts I give you during the session. Now trust plays a HUGE roll in this between both client and photographer - it's always an easier photo session when your client trusts you.

These family photos were the first time I really worked on capturing a family in their natural form and they trusted me to do that, even when their new baby was fussy most of the session. The photos came out unbelievable and I'm so proud of them. PLUS, my clients loved them too! - you can read reviews + testimonials from past clients on my 'testimonial' page:)

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